Old Oak Ice Hug
Behind Karoline and Love’s house there is an old oak. We decided to make a little circus movie. Starring Karoline Aamås, Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells (in the rope) and Love Kjellsson (Music, filming and editing)

Hyphae Soma
A piece about connectivity presented at Cirkus Cirkör in collboration with DOCH


A duo rope act about stillness, trust and love when everything around you is chaos.

Bastard by Cirkus Xanti

Bastard, trailer m/Hege from Cirkus Xanti on Vimeo.

Potatoes & Sauce

Exploring the normal of the bizarre and the love at the end. Potatoes & Sauce takes inspirations from coma dreams and everyday conversations and translates them into contemporary circus through poetic aerial work.

Potatoes & Sauce (work in progress) Short Clips from Hege Eriksdatter on Vimeo.