A little bit about me. I am Hege and I grew up in a little gem of a town in the south of Norway. Growing up I was high and low by the sea and in the trees and forest. To this day, I have a large scar to show for one of my encounters with a spruce-fir.
I was involved with both singing, sports and theatre; qualities that I also brought with me when I at 16 decided it was a circus artist I wanted to be.

After having attended Fjordane Forlkehøgskule and Vasaskolans Circus Program I went off to do my BA at The National Center For Circus Arts in London. From London I moved to Brussels where I took classes to further explore my artistic expression and continued my traveling life as a freelancer.

Today I officially live in Stockholm where I have recently finished my MA in Contemporary Circus Practices at DOCH. Some of the things I have done and am doing you can find in my CV here, but in general I love climbing anything that hangs from the ceiling in various forms.